How To

Adjusting Entries

Adjusting entries are an important and often necessary part of your accounting! As any small business owner knows, keeping the books can be a complicated procedure, but it is crucial that it is done accurately in order to ensure that you are staying on top of income and expenses. The only way to keep your …

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Accountable Reimbursement Plans

How to Set Up and Properly Administer an Acceptable Reimbursement Plan Accountable reimbursement plans are an excellent way to reimburse your employees. Set up properly, accountable reimbursement arrangements can be a great tax benefit for your small business as well as your employee. A Reimbursement Plan is an employee reimbursement arrangement or method for reimbursing …

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How to Choose an Accountant

Choosing an accountant can be one of the most challenging important decisions you will make as a small business owner. You are not just looking for someone do your accounting…you are looking for someone that will be a key adviser to your small business. A good one can help grow your business. A bad one …

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