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5 Small Business Bookkeeping Tips

Unless you’re one of those folks who loves working with numbers, balancing the books is never a fun part of having a business. It is, however, an extremely important part of your business… This is especially true for small businesses, where everything is done in house and even the smallest of errors can have a …

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How to Set Up a Trial Balance

Trial Balance Reports One of the biggest challenges faced by any small business owner is balancing the books. Unlike in larger companies, this is one of those routine but necessary tasks that you’ll have to handle yourself, unless you’re lucky enough to have an accountant. One key element to bookkeeping is setting up a trial …

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Step-by-Step Payroll Guide

Need a step-by-step payroll guide to establish your small business’s payroll? If you just need a small payroll, you can do it yourself with minimum time and effort… even if you do not have any accounting experience. However… be aware that there are many laws governing employee pay. If you are unsure of these laws …

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