How do I write a personal check to myself in an S Corp?

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2018)

Question – My Amazon business is structured as an S-Corp. I pay estimated taxes quarterly and when I do I write a personal check to myself and then pay the IRS/State with a personal check. I’m curious if anyone pays their estimated taxes through their business? I find it to be a hassle to write a personal check to myself from the business, take it to the bank, wait for it to clear then write more checks to pay the taxes. From my view, it’s a personal distribution regardless of it entering my personal bank account first or just going straight to the gov’t. I’m just curious of how others are handling paying their estimated taxes.

Answer – If you have a business expense that is going to an outside entity especially an official one like the government, I would write those checks from the business account and record it as shareholder (owner) distribution. Keeping the business separate from you as an individual is highly important.