Expense Report Template | Free Excel Form

Are you looking for an easy and simple reporting spreadsheet to track expenses? Check out our free Excel expense report template or one from FreshBooks! These are some of the top templates or best expense report templates available online when it comes to basic reports for your organization’s payment structure.

Instead of making your own expense report for business purposes, download an excel template. The spreadsheet is unlocked so you can easily customize it with your information or make changes that best fit your business’s needs. Our Excel Expense Report Template helps business owners and smaller organizations keep accounting transactions organized, such as a Travel Expense Description Report, employee reimbursements, or even personal budgeting. Keep track of the total amount of purchases from vendors or vendor costs by recording the date, description of the transaction, type of payment, category, and the total.

Ways To Use An Expense Report

Proper tracking of expenses is vital to track all expenses, which will make it easy to calculate tax deductions. Some common expenses include:

Travel Expenses – This report includes columns to itemize general travel or common business travel expenses such as flights, flight changes, car service, hotels, the event stays, larger company events, mileage reimbursement (we have a mileage reimbursement spreadsheet when using your own vehicle or own car too), car rentals, driving time, tips and more. These are just some of the typical business expenses when traveling. You can find a free travel expense report template online and other expense templates for additional spending.

Employee Expenses – As can often happen, an employee may need to purchase something for the business or pay an expense such as contractor expenses, programming expenses, venue costs, insurance fees, and overall incidentals but not have a company payment method such as a check or credit card to use for the payment amount. In this case, they can submit this report to document the purchase or the actual costs and be reimbursed.

Personal Budgeting – Our expense sheets can also be used for tracking personal expenses such as monthly bills like groceries or to track large expenditures such as a renovation or a family vacation. This is where the personal budget template really comes in handy. It gives you a visual picture of all transactions, just like a dashboard.

How To Fill Out An Expense Report

Here is a basic example:

  1. Add your company name to the top of the report
  2. Space is provided to include the name of the employee. Room is available to add additional information such as an employee number, address, manager, department, and more.
  3. Include the purchase date, description of the transaction, type of payment (credit, cash, check, etc.), category (office supplies, meals, travel, etc.), and the total spent.
  4. For a proper accounting reconciliation, the original receipt must be included with the expense report.
  5. Some businesses will want a signature from the employee, stating the expense was for an actual business-related expense.
  6. Last, submit the expense report for review and then final approval.

Download The Excel Expense Report

To get started, download our free Excel Expense Report Template and save it to your computer. The spreadsheet is ready for your custom touches to make it work in your business. These expense reports make it easy to project expenses or future cost projections and an overall budget into the future. Thank goodness for the developer of Microsoft excel, who is the godfather of the spreadsheet.

Some other free templates or common expense report types found online or in the accounting software as separate sheets to meet your exact needs for specific company projects include a basic expense template, contractor expense template, event expense report template, business mileage template, business mileage expense template, project expense template, and basic expense report template.

You’ll be glad you have access to these templates and monthly reports showing the grand total of all expenses come tax time since they offer an extra layer of data and ensure your organization’s efficient accounting practices. These are especially helpful for startup companies and Schedule C expenses.