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Are you looking for an easy and simple reporting spreadsheet to track expenses? Check out our free Excel expense report template or one from FreshBooks! These are some of the top templates or best expense report templates available online when it comes to basic reports for your organization’s payment structure. Instead of making your own

Petty Cash Form

Link to petty cash form  Establishing a Petty Cash Fund for your Business How to Set up and Maintain a Petty Cash Account

Who are the Main Users of Accounting?

Accounting provides financial data or a platform so individuals can analyze the financial health, stability of a business and other characteristics. While there are many users of accounting information there are also many reasons why this information would be needed. Some reasons can include measuring the financial performance of assets, liabilities, equity, income, dividends, expenses

Retirement Plan Options for Small Businesses

Employer-sponsored retirement plans have become a key component for retirement savings. They are also an increasingly important tool for attracting and retaining the high-quality employees you need to compete in today’s competitive environment. Besides helping employees save for the future, however, instituting a retirement plan can provide you, as the employer, with benefits that enable

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