Free Small Business Software

There are some tough economic times going on right now…especially for us small business owners. I cut expenses everywhere I can in order to keep my prices down in my business.

Here are some free small business software I have tried and found to be effective:

Free Accounting Software

There is not a lot of free accounting software I can recommend … besides my free accounting spreadsheets:-)

Every time I put a free small business accounting software review up in this section…

they get really popular and then they start charging to use their software…

and I have to take them out of this section:(

Several of them that would appear free at first glance are usually only free for a short trial period.

Not that I don’t like free trial periods:)

I would definitely recommend you try the free trial period before purchasing any accounting software…

but the problem is many small business owners go to all the trouble of setting up and entering their data only to find out at the end of 30-60 days they have to pay to keep it going:(

So do your research first.

Ask other small business owners in your industry what accounting software they use and like. You can do that in the comment section at the bottom of this page: Best Small Business Accounting Software.

Investigate thoroughly before you go to all the trouble of setting up and entering data in their “free trial period”. Otherwise yu may find yourself paying for accounting software you don’t really like but don’t want to lose all the data you have already entered.

Free Small Business Software

The best free small business software I have discovered for my business is Evernote I use this software almost every day. It is called the Remember Everything software for a good reason.

You can save documents, images, to-do lists, contacts, receipts, etc. in it. I absolutely love the web clipper feature in it! See more tips on using Evernote.

Anti Virus and Anti Spyware

As small business owners we rely on our computers for our business and accounting.

It can be quite expensive to keep our data and computers safe in this day and age.

A great free small business software is:

Microsoft Security Essentials

It is simple to install and easy to use.

It doesn’t come fully loaded like a paid version as far as customizing what you want it to do, but if you are a install-it-and forget-about-it small business owner like me, this may be the antivirus software for you.

Another great free antivirus software is Avira Free Antivirus.

Avira Free Antivirus is simple to install too and is pretty user-friendly. It is a little more robust than the MS Essential.

Another free small biz software that many IT people recommended for your small business computer is: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware .

It is an effective freeware antimalware tool. It scans your whole computer in just minutes. The only drawback with the free version is you have to remember every week to update and scan as only the paid version lets you set up a scheduler.

Free Small Business Forms

Business forms can cost an arm and a leg, so I was very excited to find a site that gives them away free!

Free Small Business Forms or Business Certificates

This website is easy to use, informative and will save you time and money with immediate access to free forms and certificates. Bookmark it and check back often as the owner is always posting more forms.

*I am always looking for cheap or free small business software. If you use some in your small business and would like to share it with the rest of us, please contact me and I will include it on this page.