Free Accounting Spreadsheets for Small Business

Free Accounting Spreadsheets For Small Business

We have free spreadsheets for small business owners to track and record their small business accounting data!

Maintaining proper accounting records is imperative to a small business owner.

You need to be able to tell at a glance from your business transactions where you stand financially in order to make sound business decisions.

If you’re like me, you don’t have the time or the money to set up an expensive accounting program when you are trying to get your small business up and running with all of the different account types.

So I built some accounting spreadsheets that will automatically generate monthly, quarterly, and annual income reports.

With them you can tell at a glance if you can afford that printer you so desperately need; make tax time less stressful; and have the reports ready in an instant to take to the bank for that small business loan.

Simply fill in the form below and after you have confirmed your subscription you will receive a welcome email with a link to your free spreadsheets.

(Descriptions of all free accounting software downloads are below)

Free Accounting Spreadsheet Descriptions

All of my free accounting workbooks are single entry accounting spreadsheets.

See my double entry bookkeeping page for the difference between single and double entry accounting systems.

If you can afford it and have the time to learn it, double entry software is usually the best for your accounting needs.

However, if you are a small business that is just starting up and you cannot afford expensive accounting software yet, my accounting spreadsheets may be just what you need.

If you are a church or nonprofit, I have free spreadsheets designed specifically for you.

I have 2 free accounting workbooks available.

Note: You must have MS Excel or another compatible spreadsheet application like OpenOffice installed on your computer to download and use the accounting spreadsheets.

Automatic Free Accounting Spreadsheets:

I have 1 “automatic” free accounting workbook (set of spreadsheets) available from this site.

It has fields for up to 9 income accounts and 28 expenses accounts.

The workbook includes:

  • 12 Monthly General Ledger templates(automatically carry all totals to a monthly income statement)
  • 12 Monthly Profit and Loss Reports (all the totals from the monthly reports automatically generate an quarterly report that then generate an annual report)
  • 4 Quarterly P/L Reports
  • 1 Annual P/L Report
  • 1 Summary P/L Report (shows monthly income and expenses for comparisons)
  • 1 Budget to Actual Report (compares annual budget to previous year’s and current year’s expenses)

Attention: I ask you to sign up for my free newsletter because it is the only way I can contact you to alert you to any errors in my spreadsheets; however, if you do not wish to be contacted and do not wish to receive my free newsletter…here is the download page for the spreadsheets: 

Manual Free Spreadsheet:

This workbook includes:

  • 12 Monthly General Ledgers
  • 12 Monthly Profit and Loss Statement Reports
  • 4 Quarterly P/L Reports
  • 1 Annual P/L Report

Unlike my automatic accounting spreadsheets….only the annual report is automatically generated. You will have to manually put in all the totals for the monthly reports.

Since it is easily modified, it is good for start up businesses.

Expense Report Template

Are you looking for an easy and simple Excel Expense Report Template to track business expenses such as cost of goods? Check out our free excel template.

Expense Report Template

Accounts Payable Spreadsheet

Our Accounts Payable Template is an Excel spreadsheet to make it easy to keep track of how much your business owes to vendors and suppliers and when those payments are due.

Accounts Payable Excel Spreadsheet

Income Statement Template

Looking for an income statement example to use for your business? Click to download our free Microsoft Excel-based sample income statement template.

Balance Sheet Template

We also have a free balance sheet spreadsheet template in Excel to calculate assets, liabilities and net worth.

Mileage Log Spreadsheet

To help with mileage tracking, here is a PDF Mileage Log Template that you can print out and keep in your vehicle, or in a binder or folder. If you would like to keep your mileage in a simple spreadsheet, here is a free Excel Mileage Log Template.

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